Decolonial Food For Thought

Decolonial and Indigenous ways of knowing guide our thoughts, reflections, and critiques in relation to food systems.

Misogyny in Vegan Activism

‘The Woman as Sexy Dying Animal Trope’ – an article by Dr Corey Lee Wrenn of Vegan Feminist Network.

Caribbean Vegan

There’s so much more to Caribbean cuisine than pineapples and coconuts. The real secret is in the herbs and spices: With the right sauce or seasoning blend, everyday ingredients transform into unforgettable Caribbean delights.

The Unbound Project

Celebrating the inspiring women around the globe who are changing the world for animals.

Sistah Vegan

Sistah Vegan is an in-your-face handbook for our time. It calls upon all of us to make radical changes for the betterment of ourselves, our planet, and—by extension—everyone.

Black Vegans Rock

Black Vegans Rock was created to showcase how diverse and rich the Black vegan community is.

Food Empowerment Project

Food Empowerment Project seeks to create a more just and sustainable world by recognizing the power of one’s food choices.