Decolonial Food For Thought


Contributors: Claudia Serrato, Chris Rodriguez

Excerpt taken from

Decolonizing our Diets; Reindigenizing our Foodways

This is a space where decolonial and Indigenous ways of knowing guide our written thoughts, reflections, and critiques in relation to food systems.
Decolonial Food For Thought takes an antispeciesist standpoint grounded in the teachings shared with us by our communities and elders which include our relatives, the slithering two and four legged animals (humans included) the land, water, plants & seeds…
 We engage in this political food project by Decolonizing Our Diets…

Decolonial Food For Thought will lead a platica, cook/cater, guide workshops and speak at your next gathering in the comfort of your casita, classroom, campus event, conference, youth organization, forum and in any other social, cultural and healthy spaces on re-membering sacred foodways, hers & history of comida in the Americas,  decolonizing the diet, ecological indigenous food justice, the feminization of the land & body, baby food politics, taste and womb memories, community healing and spirituality, ecofeminism, immigrant health, healthy food choices, food politics y mas sobre el tema de salud y vida!!


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