Endo What?

A ground-breaking documentary about endometriosis; a debilitating disease affecting 1 in 10 women worldwide.

Director/Producer: Shannon Cohn

Excerpts taken from http://www.endowhat.com:

Did you know that women with endometriosis see an average of 8 doctors for 10 years before they’re diagnosed?

During that time, many are forced to abandon dreams of having children, to leave careers they love and to watch their personal relationships suffer. They’re regularly told (erroneously) that pregnancy & hysterectomy are cures and that pain is normal or in their heads.

It’s time to break that cycle. It’s time for a normal that doesn’t mean multiple doctors, surgeries, misdiagnoses and years of pain.

The only film of its kind, Endo What? gives you an accurate, up-to-date base of knowledge straight from the experts – a vital resource missing until now.


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