A Comprehensive Intersectional Approach to Vegan Activism

Speaker: Brenda Sanders

Excerpt taken from http://www.vegfest.co.uk:

Food justice activist Brenda Sanders, who organises the Vegan SoulFest in Baltimore in the USA, and founding member of PEP Foods, spoke on a comprehensive Intersectional Approach to Vegan Activism at the Pro-Intersectional Vegan Conference at VegfestUK London 2016.

About this talk

This talk gives a foundational understanding of why an intersectional approach to vegan outreach is important, shows examples of what this kind of activism looks like, and illustrates the pitfalls of taking a non-intersectional approach when doing vegan activism. I will be using examples from our Food Justice work in the States to demonstrate how important it is to understand how to effectively engage with people who live at the intersection of multiple forms of oppression.

About the speaker

Brenda Sanders is a food justice activist who works to bring healthy, affordable and sustainable food choices to low-income communities in Baltimore City.

As Executive Director of the Better Health, Better Life organization, Brenda runs Eating for Life, a series of free plant-based cooking classes aimed at showing people how to make healthier, kinder, more environmentally conscious food choices.

As Co-Director of the animal advocacy organization Open the Cages Alliance, Brenda helps to organize the Vegan Living Program, a six-week vegan education program that teaches the basics of vegan living to people interested in transitioning to veganism.

Brenda also co-created Vegan SoulFest, an annual festival that celebrates culture and the vegan lifestyle by making lectures, cooking demos, musical performances, delicious food and other products and services available to help expose people to the many benefits of the vegan lifestyle.

And she’s a founding member of PEP Foods, a collective of vegan food activists whose mission is to produce delicious, healthy foods that offer an affordable alternative to animal products. The main goal of PEP Foods is to increase the demand for vegan cuisine by creating great-tasting, cruelty-free products that everyone can afford.

During the growing season, Brenda helps manage the Penn-North gardens, a community-based initiative to address many of the food access issues as well as the health disparities that exist in this community.


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