Vegan Feminist Network


Vegan Feminist Network

Founder: Dr Corey Lee Wren

Vegan Feminist Network is an academic-activist project engaging intersectional social justice praxis

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While the Nonhuman Animal rights movement is composed primarily of women,  it is still largely a reflection of the patriarchal structures that characterize broader society.  Increasingly, women, people of color, and other vulnerable groups have been victimized, alienated, and silenced in advocacy efforts on behalf of other animals. This site functions as a safe community for activists of all backgrounds.  Our mission is to eradicate oppression from the Nonhuman Animal rights movement and improve inclusiveness through dialogue and educational resources.

What is intersectionality?

Intersectionality recognizes that all oppression is rooted in the same structural inequality.  Many social movements avoid intersectionality, preferring instead to highlight the interests of one group or another.  Often, ignoring the plight of other at-risk groups means that these groups are made further vulnerable to oppression.  For example, the Nonhuman Animal rights movement largely ignores feminism, and the movement is rife with sexual objectification, sexual abuse, and misogyny.  Without an intersectional approach, the actual cause of oppression is obscured, and social movements are weakened by their piecemeal, non-collaborative approach.


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